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See what our clients said about working with us during a global pandemic!

We were absolutely over the moon to have been nominated for an award for our efforts during the pandemic, so rather than submit a “normal” application, we decided to leave the process up to our clients, here’s what they said about working with us during 2020..

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Our goal

We want to change the way businesses work with their accountants. All meetings are held at our client’s location of choice, our fees are fixed and paid monthly, we offer video chat and screen sharing for small software queries and accept calls out of normal working hours for busy business owners.

Our team structure is set-up to provide a close relationship with an account manager, whilst also providing you with specialist advice when needed. Your account manager will be your main point of contact in order to simplify and familiarise relations and our tax experts will support your account manager for advisory work.

One team, one dream

Cloud accountant and technical specialist.

Chartered Accountant


Our strategic management specialist.

Qualified Accountant & Exec MBA

Our clients

Customer of StriveX

We are proud to work with businesses from all walks of life. From local tradesmen and shop keepers to home brands, technology companies striving for innovation and sport leaders supporting young children.

All of our clients have the same expectations; to receive a quality service in a reasonable time frame, by people that they trust. Our specialism is not an industry type or business size, but the provision of a convenient service with care.

Our passion


As accountants we are called to discuss some of the smallest problems to some of the largest, and some of those changes will effect the staff and business owner’s lives personally for the better or worse.

Every question answered is an experience learnt. We work with a variety of businesses to broaden and share our knowledge. We pass this onto our clients during regular and annual meetings as we want to take advantage of the time together by discussing more than just the year-end accounts.

Our chosen charity

British Heart Foundation Logo

Our chosen charity is the British Heart Foundation. They fund over £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases. Heart diseases. Stroke. Vascular dementia. Diabetes.

To see how they help please click on the picture for a link to their website.

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