Business Owners

Incorporations and reporting changes

Incorporating a company/becoming a Limited company can be a daunting process. Choosing the most appropriate share type, number and allo ...

May 13th 2019 by development

Acting as a registered office

All UK registered companies must have an address in the UK, even if it carries on its business from abroad or sells products online. ...

May 13th 2019 by development

Annual Return Filings

Companies House Annual Return Filings If you run a limited company and are registered on the public domain at Companies House, you are ...

May 13th 2019 by development

Capital Gains reliefs

Capital Gains Tax Relief (CGT Relief) Capital gains tax is broadly speaking the tax charged on the profit on sale of an asset. Assets ...

May 13th 2019 by development

Creative Industry Tax Relief

Creative Industry Tax Relief Accountants For the film, animation, game and theatre industries there are specific reliefs which allow t ...

May 13th 2019 by development

Research and Development/Patent Box

For businesses that are undertaking innovative projects in science and technology you may be able to claim corporation tax relief for R ...

May 13th 2019 by development